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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the voluntary initiative and phenomenon that seeks for reconciling growth and competitiveness by integrating the commitment to social development and the improvement of the environment.

The Green Paper of the European Commission “Promoting a European framework for corporate social responsibility of companies”, published in 2001 highlights that most of the definitions of the term social responsibility drafted by companies for their respective enterprises interpret this concept as the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and its relations with its business partners.

Furthermore, the expert forum on CSR of the Ministry of Labour in Spain established the following definition: “Social responsibility of a company goes much further than complying with existing legal obligations. It is the voluntary integration of the company in its governance and management, in its strategy, policies and procedures embracing social, labour and environmental concerns as well as respect for the human rights that arise from the relationship and transparent dialogue with their interest groups, thus taking responsibility of the consequences and impacts arising from their actions.”

The philosophy and approach of Barceló Congresos

Barceló Congresos has a clear philosophy and positive approach towards both environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility related aspects within the framework of conference management. We propose and advise you on possible steps and actions taking into account both the efforts and workload needed fortheir implementation as well as their economicimpact.

There are measures, which are relatively easy and mainly depend on you to implement such as:

  • Making less use of printed congress material
  • Theuse of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials
  • Provision of collection points for badges or other material
  • Collecting fees to offset carbon footprint
  • Promoting the use of public transport or other “green” means of transport

But there are other measures that depend on third parties and that one can influence through the selection of suppliers and partners involved in the congress, whenever there’s the possibility of free choice in the selection process, in other words, to choose freely stakeholders who meet minimum criteria of sustainability / CSR and suppliers who have a proven quality and experience to ensure the success of the congress. Some of the criteria you may want to consider are:

  • Sustainable venues
  • Suppliers who use and provide local goods and products (in particular catering services)
  • Suppliers who respect the equality and human rights of its employees
  • Suppliers who use organic and recyclable products

Some of the activities we promote are actions for social or charitable purposes which can be as simple as:

  • Donation of unused stocks ofcongress bags or other material to schools

Other activities may be intended for citizens:

  • Informationcenters throughout the city open to the local community
  • Organization of a public marathon
  • Top specialists to visit universities and hospitals sharing knowledgeand experience with local professionals or attending patients

You may want to consider carrying out other actions with the objectiveto raise funds for charitable causes or leave a legacy in the destination where the congress is held.

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